Our Privacy Policy
We hate spam as much as you do! So whether you're a Loyal Rewards Shopper or Merchant, rest assured that we hold all your personally identifiable information in complete confidence at all times. It will never be rented, sold, traded, or given to any third-party whatsoever. As a Loyal Rewards Merchant, this policy includes your customer database, of course, which we pledge to keep 100% confidential and secure at all times.
Loyal Rewards Shoppers: You'll never receive anything other than important announcements and valuable, money-saving gift certificates from anyone other than the sponsoring local merchant(s) you personally selected. And for added security, Loyal Rewards® handles the delivery of all emails.
Should you ever wish to stop receiving the merchant's emails, you can do so at any time. Upon your request, your name and email address will be permanently deleted from our database. We may utilize partners to manage standard business administrative details and these partners are committed by law, without exception, to abide by our strict Privacy Policy. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we're confident you'll find Loyal Rewards to be a rewarding experience!