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Interested in rewarding your customers
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Loyal Rewards is an exclusive, "By-Invitation-Only" program. This means your local merchants have to first invite you, their loyal customer, to participate in the program.
What is Loyal Rewards®?
Loyal Rewards is a one-of-a-kind customer appreciation program. It allows select merchants-including restaurants, auto care centers, and many others—to say, "Thank you for your business!" by sending their best customers important announcements and valuable, money-saving gift certificates by email. By rewarding you for your business, they hope you'll visit them often… and maybe even bring your friends and family!
Is There Any Cost to Join and Participate in the Program?
No, it's ABSOLUTELY, 100% FREE—now and forever. No tricks, no strings, no gimmicks.
How Does It Work?
Simple! Just provide your first name and email address on the easy online registration form—that's it! Every time the merchant you register with sends their announcements and Gift Certificates, they'll be conveniently delivered to your email box! Simply PRINT… REDEEM… and SAVE!
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How Many Gift Certificates Will I Receive? How Often Will I Receive Them?
Some Loyal Rewards participating merchants send valuable information and Gift Certificates weekly… others monthly. And as more of your local merchants participate in the Loyal Rewards program, you'll have the opportunity to get announcements and money-saving Gift Certificates from them, too.
Will I Get Something of Real Value, or Just a Bunch of Annoying Ads and Meaningless Discounts?
OUR POLICY IS STRICT: only valuable information and Gift Certificates of substantial savings will ever be permitted to be delivered to registered Loyal Rewards members. No ads… no spam—ever! NO EXCEPTIONS!
Offers like these have little value. And since Loyal Rewards participating merchants want you patronize them often, they offer generous Gift Certificates that save you real money.
Where Do I Find Other Participating Merchants? How Many Merchants Can I Register With?
Because of the value of the information and Gift Certificates distributed by participating merchants, Loyal Rewards is an exclusive, "By-Invitation-Only" program. This means your local merchants have to first invite you, their loyal customer, to participate in the program… as did the merchant who told you about this website!
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